Surprising tips of Riding bike

Riding bike

Cycling is fun activity which has a lot of benefits too. Well while riding a bike, if you keep some things in your mind you can enjoy the ride more. If you want to be a better cyclist, then you just ride. You improve a little, each time you turn the pedals. Here are some tips to make your ride more enjoyable.Riding bike

Muscle soreness and fatigue is a problem for the cyclists. To avoid this, do not hunch your shoulders. To stave off tight neck muscles, slope tilt your head in every few minutes. Don’t let your upper body move too much. You should let your back serve as a fulcrum. Your shoulders should be behind the front wheel axle. Do not put too much weight on the forward of the bike, it becomes hard to handle the bike. Putting too much weight forward could skip up the rear wheel into the air.

To counter the energy of your legs, pull on the bar with rowing motion. This supports you to transfer your energy to the pedals than into a wasted movement. Be careful hunching your back when you are tired. To prevent stiffness in your hips and back, shift to the next gear and stand to pedal constantly. Practice draping your hands over the handlebar to alleviate muscle tension.

Constantly change your hand position. Grip the brake-lever hoods for relaxed cruising and drops for descents or high-speed riding. During the long climbs, catch the top of the bar to sit upright and open your chest for comfortable breathing. The width of the shoulder should be equal to handlebar width. Usually a narrow bar is aerodynamic whereas a wider bar opens your chest for breathing. You should pick the one that favors your riding style.

An easy way to make yourself more aerodynamics is to keep your arms in a line with your body. It will help you to go faster without any extra energy. Always keep your hands in contact with your brakes while riding with a group. Be very careful during the first 10 minutes of rainstorm, on that time oil and dust float to the surface of the pavement. Ride safely.Riding bike



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