The Evolution of Bicycle

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It is almost 200 years since Karl Von Drais did the first documented bike ride in 1817. The craze for cycling is nothing new. First bicycle was created in France which have a huge different with today’s bicycle. It’s been a great evolution of bicycle.folding bike

The earliest bicycle sketch was in 1493. The first person to visualize the concept of bicycle was Leonardo da Vinci.

Baron Karl Von Drais of Germany designed and created a two-wheeled wooden vehicle in 1817. It was invented to fulfill the need for horseless transport in the time of a shortage of oats. The inventor von drais named it ‘laufmaschine’ which means running machine. Baron Von Drais made another bicycle named ‘Draisine’ which was constructed almost entirely of wood and weighed 22 kg. The Draisine had no pedals.

Many historians say that Pierre and Earnest Michaux was the true inventors of modern bicycle. A company was operated by this father and son duo that made carriages in Paris. In 1867 they assembled a two-wheeled velocipede which was propelled like a tricycle, with its cranks and pedals connected to the front wheel. Because of the rigid frame and iron-banded wheels the velocipede earned the name ‘bone-shaker’ in England. The riders of velocipede had a bone-shaking experience because of the iron banded wheels.

James Starley probably invented the first geared bike in 1871 which name was Ariel. First Pneumatic tire used in a bicycle was in 1888. The Tandem first showed up in the early 1890’s. It was designed for a man and woman which was known as ‘courting bikes’. The popularity of Tandem began to fall after second world war. Often, the 1890’s is referred as the golden age of bicycles and during this decade some of today’s popular bicycle companies were built.

The mountain bikes were introduced in 1980’s. Cyclists began to shift from road bikes to all-terrain bikes. Because of multiple gears and lighter construction frames, mountain bikes and BMX became popular. On 21st century, it has become bikes for all. You can go to a bike shop and choose from road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, cruisers and more, according to where and how you want to ride.folding bike




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