How to Choose Car Bike Racks? While going on a vacation we often face many problems loading our bike onto the car. Actually, it is a bit confusing to choose the right bike racks for your car. Because there are many types of bike racks and a wide range of prices in the market. That's why there some things to keep in mind while choosing the right bike racks. If you are serious about cycling, then you probably want to carry your bike safely. Before buying a bike rack you have to make sure that the bike rack fit in your car. There is a lot of varieties in bike rack, not every rack will fit in your car. While buying a bike you have to consider a few things. • How often you want to use the rack • Importance Of security • Number of your bike you want to carry • How much money you want to spend? • The weight of your bike • The model of your car Generally, there are three different types of bike racks. Roof rack, Strap-on trunk rack, Hitch-mount racks. These three racks are different from one another. All are not available for every car. So, you have to choose the right one for your car from these three categories. All these three types of categories have some good and some bad points. Roof rack: Among those three categories, this is the most versatile bike rack. But it is difficult to use. You can't go into drive-through restaurants, parking garages, or under any low clearance overhead structures with this bike rack. Strap on trunk rack: This type of racks is the least expensive as well as least secure. It will cost between $40-$200.This type of rack have a greater chance of damaging your vehicle and the bike than other categories of racks Hitch-mount rack: The most expensive rack. But you can easily operate with this type of rack. You can easily install hitch mount racks by sliding it into the hitch. This type of rack may block the driver's view out of the rear window. It is not recommended for tandem bikes. If you keep this following information in your mind, you can easily find the most compatible bike rack for your car.