Road bike is the type of bicycle which is built for riding in the pavement at speed. Road bikes are designed for you to go as fast and as far as your legs can operate. The term 'Road Bike' comes from tarmac, the terrain where it is used.Folding Bikes Comparing to mountain bikes, road bikes hasn't changed a lot over the years. But if you want to get the best road bike for you then it is necessary for you to know some facts about road bike. It is important for you to get the best bike that fits you. Frame The frame is called the heart of a bike. The frames of a road bike are usually carbon or aluminum, with titanium and steel. Now a day’s compact geometry is commonly used in a road bike with a sloping top tube to make the frame lighter and smaller and improving the stand over height. For better riding experience you need to find the right shape and size frame that fits you.  Wheels Road bike wheels are not as strong as the mountain bikes. There are fewer spokes in the road bikes. Now the road rims are built wider based on aerodynamics. Wider rims lead a smoother ride.  Handlebars You can identify a road bike by its dropped handlebars. But they come out in many different positions. You should choose the one, on which you feel more comfortable riding.  Brakes Road bikes are built with dual-pivot brakes. But now a day’s disc brakes are also used on some models. Dual pivot bikes are light, strong and powerful but doesn't have any mud clearance, that's why they are only suitable to road bikes.  Cassette Road bikes have gears packed tightly together to help you riding at a good speed. Now most of the road bikes except the entry level ones, have 11 sprockets. Saddle and seat post For a comfortable ride, saddle and seat post is important. When it comes to road bikes, comfort depends on the correct set up of saddle and seat post. Narrow, long, and thin saddles are actually better than soft deep saddles. Though they look uncomfortable. After all, you can get a decent road bike within your budget if you know what you are looking for. Hope you can get the best bike that fits you. Enjoy riding.Folding Bikes