Hearing the word ‘Electric Bike’, many of us imagine a scooter or electric motorcycle. But a electric bike is just a regular bicycle with some electrical stuffs like motor, battery and a controller. These items are the fundamentals of an electric bike.

An electric bike uses the same parts just like a regular bicycle. The electric parts added to the bike is meant to increase the human power, not exactly to replace it. The electric component makes barrier like headwind and hills more controllable. They allow you to travel more without getting tired.

Electric bicycles are similar to regular bikes. But to operate, it depends on three elements working together. The three component is motor, battery and drivetrain.electric-bikes


The most important component of electric bike is the motor. Several types of motor are seen in electric bike. Front hub, Rear hub and Mid-drive. Front hub motor is situated in the front tire. Rear hub motor is located on the back tire. Itpushes the rider onwards which feels natural to a traditional biker. Mid drive motors empower the bike’s drivetrain. Its central location gives more natural sensation to the rider.


The performance of the battery depends on riders’style: pedalonly, pedalassist,or electric only.

You can get 20 to 60 miles per charge. Pedal only means riding the bike like a regular bicycle. Pedal assist means the motor is only activated when the pedal is in motion. Pedal assist makes a ride easier. While on electric only, the bike runs without any assist from the biker. Electric only causes the biggest battery drain.


The drivetrain delivers the energy and torque needed to manually turn the wheels of the bike. The drivetrain gets power directly from the mid-drive motors, which makes the chain cranking easier. Most drivetrain have the facility of shifting gears.

Charging your bike is as easy as charging your phone. You just need to plug it into any wall outlet. It takes 2-4 hours to fully charge a high-quality battery which last between 700-1000 charges. Whereas low quality batteries need 6-8 hours to charge and have a life span of about 300-700 charges.

    Six Reasons to ride Electric Bike

Electric bike is a new type of bike and it is here to stay. People are loving e-bikes. The sales of electric bike have increased heavily. According to a report the sales of electric bike has increased up to 91% from 2016 to 2017. In Netherlands, the sales of e-bike have surpassed traditional bike sales and there is no sign of drop in sales. Here is some reason why it is so popular.

1.Easier Pedaling

You can use an electronic bike just like a traditional bike but with some more facilities. On pedal assist bike you can push the pedals easily, where a motor will help you pedaling. You can go through the barriers like hills with pedal assist electronic bike. You can accelerate easily in e-bikes.

2.Can go fast

If you want to ride fast with a traditional bike, it is quite hard to a point. But with an electronic bike can go pretty fast. When you pedal harder in pedal assist bike, the motor boosts up your speed. And you can shave 3 minutes off a 5-mile trip while enjoying the ride.

3.Variety of E-bikes

Everyone’s taste is not same. Some of us may not like an electric road bike. Well that’s not a problem. There are variety of e-bikes, like fat, cargo, recreational, commuter, hardtail, and mountain. You can choose your favorite one.

4.Better Battery Life

You don’t have to face any hassles to recharge your e-bike battery. Also, the batteries last long. You can ride your bike from 35 to 100 miles without recharging. But it depends on the use of your bike. If you use your bike with pedal assist, the batteries will last long. The batteries will improve more in near future.

5.Saves Money

Though an electronic bike is not cheap, it will save your money. You don’t need to use your car for small stuffs, where you can use the bike. It will keep your car in the garage often and save your gas money.

6.Still good for Health

Yes, e-bike make some work easy for you. But it still keeps you exercising. By riding a pedal assist electronic bike, you still get exercise. Researchers confirmed that riding e-bike is good for health.electric-bikes

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