5Tips for Beginner Cyclists

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If your just started cycling then so many exciting adventures are waiting for you. Cycling should be fun, and if you want to have the most fun out there, you can follow some of our tips. These tips will make your riding safer and more enjoyable.mountain bikes for sale

  • Get the Right Bike

You riding experience depends a lot on how the bike fits you. It is one of the most important aspects of riding. If you don’t get the right fit, you can’t spend much time with your bike, no matter how excited you are. For getting the right fit, keep two things in mind: seat height and reach.

  • Set Your Seat at Right Height

If you set your seat too lowly, then you might experience some pain in the front of your knee. Low seat causes under-extend during your pedal stroke. Setting your saddle at a wrong height could put you at risk for injury. If you want enjoy your ride, bump up your seat at right height.

  • Don’t Stress About Gear

To become a cyclist, you don’t need clipped in shoes, fancy clothes or top bike. You can also get a lot of fun with slick equipment. You don’t need to worry about any potential gear updates, just get out there and ride. Do not get tensed about dumping a lot of money into a lot of fancy new gear.

  • Essentials for Your New Bike

You need to track your speed, distance and time. So, get a speed tracker for your bike. You may face some common issues during a ride, you can get a tool for fixing those problems. Buy a mini pump tool for the midride flats. It will easily fit in your jersey pockets. All these tools are inexpensive, you can get them easily.

  • Maintain Your Bike

You don’t have to be expert for taking care of your bike. Regular maintenance like lubing your chain may not save you a lot of money but it will improve the service of your bike. Keep the recommended amount of air in your tires for making your ride easier.mountain bikes for sale



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