You may think that buying bikes for kids is simple. But buying the best bike for your child is not so simple as it seems. There are many complicated things like wheel size, gears, brakes etc. Here is a expert guide for you to choose the best bike for your kid. Among all of the kid’s bike size, wheel size is the most usual size indicator. While manufacturing kids’ bike,child's height and age is used commonly to lump them within a wheel size category. The wheel size is fixed by its diameter and size of the bike is fixed by its wheel size. A bike with 14" wheels will be categorized as a 14" bike. The size of the standard kids’ bike is 12",14",16",20",24”. As the child gets taller, he will need larger wheels. When you narrow down the size of the wheel, compare the seat height and you child's inseam. The Beginners ride with the minimum seat height of the bike. However, choosing bikes is not so simple. Because of the difference in frame design, the least seat height of two different bikes with same wheel size can vary up to 5”. So, it is your child's inseam that helps you when it comes to find the best fit for your child. The height of the seat is the major indicator of how a bike will fit your child. Because of the difference in the design of the frame, same size tire bikes can fit a child differently. That's why the seat of your child's bike should set in relation to their inseam. The weight of your kids’ bike is also a concerned issue. Generally, a kid should ride a bike which is 40% of his weight. While buying a bike for your kid, try to choose the lightest bike within your price range. After all, your budget is going to rule your decision anyway. Expensive bikes are always better performers than the cheaper ones. So, you should get the best bike within your budget. Now you know what you are looking for, get the best bike. A good bike can give your child better cycling experience.