Interesting Facts About Cycling

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Cycling is more than just a hobby to some people.Actually, cycling is a fun activity. It has a lot of benefits.But there are some interesting facts about cycling that most of us don’t bike shop

Bicycle was first created in France but the modern design of bicycle was made in England. The first models of bicycle were called Velocipedes. The word ‘Bicycle’ was being used few years after the first bicycle appeared for sale. ‘Bicyclette’ is a French word which is the origin of the word bicycle. Either blacksmiths or cartwrights invented modern bicycle.’Boneshaker’ was the first commercially sold bicycle which weighed over 80kg. The longest bicycle record holder is 67 feet and it was driven by 35 people.

Every year over 100 million of bicycles are manufactured.Now China has over half a billion bicycles, more than 100 years later after the first bicycle was bought here. 30% of all trips in Netherlands is made with bicycle.In United Kingdom, the number is 5% and the number is less than 1% in United States. In Netherlands, seven out of eight people older than 15 years old has a bicycle.

The fastest speed of driving bicycle measured on a flat surface is 133.75 km/h. In 1970s BMX was created as a alternative to motocross races. French Boneshaker, English penny-farthing and rover safety bicycle was the three most renowned types of bicycle in the first 40 years of bicycle history.

Over 1 billion bicycles are currently being used all over the world. Cycling was established as a competitive sport during 19th century in England. Every year over 238 million gallons of gas is saved because of bicycle.

Tour de France is the most famous bicycle race in the world which was established in 1903. It is still driven every year and cyclist from all around the world take part in 3-week event.

For people who want to reduce risk of having heart disease and stroke,cycling is a great pastime.Parking space of a car can hold between 5 to 20 parked bicycles. The energy that is expended for walking can be used with bicycle for increasing 3 times better bike shop 

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