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Lightweight Folding Bike | Online Shop In Dubai

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You can buy the best lightweight folding bike in Dubai. Folding bikes are available in The Shard Bike. These bikes are very trendy and are being loved by many peoples. They have many designs. Folding Bikes are the type of bikes that can be folded. You can carry these kinds of bikes to any place […]

Shimano Folding Bicycle | Online Shop In Dubai

Buy the best Shimano Folding Bicycle in Dubai. Folding bikes are the type of bicycles that can be folded. These bikes are in trend nowadays. Folding bikes has some types like we are mentioning Shimano folding bicycles here. It is a perfect bicycle for those who love to travel. Light in weight and has a compact design. Features […]

Mini Folding Bike UAE | Best Bikes In UAE

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Buy the best mini folding bike in UAE. Folding bikes are the type of bikes that can be folded. These types of bikes are very trendy nowadays. People love to buy these bikes. Folding bikes are actually very comfortable for people of all ages. These bikes can be used by kids or adults. Folding bikes […]

Buy Folding Bike | Best Folding Bikes In UAE

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Buy the best folding bike in UAE. Folding bikes are in trend today and they are coming with the latest designs and colors. Their quality is very high. Folding bicycles are the type of bikes that can be folded and you can take it anywhere you want to. In Case you are afraid of getting […]

Adult Folding Bike | Online Shop In UAE

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Adult Folding Bike is very trendy nowadays because their shape and design are so good that everyone loves them. Folding bikes are very comfortable for people they can take them wherever they want them too like they can carry it with them on a metro bus and train or any place where they want them […]

How to Start Cycling: 6 Need-to-Know Tips for Beginners

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From the outside glancing in, cycling looks basic—you should simply pedal, isn’t that so? However, it can in some cases put on a show of being scaring. You may wind up intuition, “Pause, I need more apparatus?” or just, “Yay. Spandex.” In any case, when you take that first ride, we’re certain you’ll be snared […]

2020 Dubai Corporate Games Cycling Challenge

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Since its establishing in 2006, The Dubai Corporate Games, sorted out by High 5 Events, has become the biggest yearly corporate games and group building occasion in Dubai.folding bike   The Dubai Corporate Games unite a huge number of experts and officials from different organizations and associations to contend in different brandishing disciplines in an […]

The Evolution of Bicycle

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It is almost 200 years since Karl Von Drais did the first documented bike ride in 1817. The craze for cycling is nothing new. First bicycle was created in France which have a huge different with today’s bicycle. It’s been a great evolution of bicycle.folding bike The earliest bicycle sketch was in 1493. The first […]