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Electric Bike Dubai | The Shard Bike

best electric bike

We are living in a world that is developing every day. And we also see some good inventions in our daily life. An example of a good invention is an electric bike. When we hear the word electric bike, the first thing that comes to our mind is a motorcycle or an electric scooter. But […]

This is Your Brain on Bikes: The Neurological Effects of Cycling

best electric bike

Everybody can realize that cycling has extraordinary physical advantages — improved muscle tone, expanded weight reduction, more grounded cardiovascular wellbeing, etc. But what if, it stops there? For quite a long time, scientists also thinking deeply about cycling’s advantages. And research shows that, cycling has a wide cluster of mental advantages that stretch more what […]

Six Reasons to ride Electric Bike

best electric bike

Electric bike is a new type of bike and it is here to stay. People are loving e-bikes. The sales of electric bike have increased heavily. According to a report the sales of electric bike has increased up to 91% from 2016 to 2017. In Netherlands, the sales of e-bike have surpassed traditional bike sales […]