Types of Bikes

Types of Bikes

Bicycles are built into a lot of categories and sub-categories. The following list is about some common bicycle types.Types of Bikes

  • Road Bike

You can identify a road bike by its skinny tires and drop handlebars. These bikes dictate the road because of their speed and strong efficiency. The special larger thin tires support it glide along the road with less effort. If you intent to ride on pavement, then road bike is the best choice for you. Specifically, for longer rides.

  • Mountain Bike

The specialty of mountain bike is it have wide knaggy tires to get rid of obstacles and loose dirt. The handlebars of mountain bike are flat. Some mountain bikes have suspension to help the rider navigate rocky mountain trails. You can ride a mountain bike               also in the road as well, this causes no problem to yourbike. But it is not the best choice for the roads.

  • BMX Bike

The abbreviation BMX stands for Bicycle Motor Cross. BMX is also known as trick bike. Often, the term ‘BMX’ is for describing any 20″ wheel single speed bike. If you want to do jump or tricks then BMX is the supreme choice. These bikes are very strong and stable.

  • Touring Bike

If you want to travel long distances and have to carry some extra stuff, then you should consider a touring bike. Touring bikes are built with strong components. These bikes can give you a comfortable and smoother ride on the open road. The lower gears of these bike will help you to up the heavy loads. While riding, touring bikes will put you in an upright position though these bikes have drop-bar handlebars.

  • Track Bike

Track bike an actually a road bike which have a single gear. A track bike does not freewheel or coast. As a matter of fact, there is no brakes in actual track bikes so that the athlete uses their leg strength to stop the crank turning. Fixed gear bike is known as the outdoor version of a track bike.

  • Cyclocross Bike

A cyclocross bike is designed specially for racing around a course, where have to ride through many obstacles. These bikes have drop handlebars like road bikes but wider knobby tires. Cyclocross bikes are versatile and great to do-anything bike.


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