Styles of Mountain Bike

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There are many beginner riders who have a one-track mind about what mountain biking entails. Different types of mountain bikes can really confuse you. It is important to choose the right bike to make the most out of your ride. There are four basic types of mountain bikes.

  • Cross Country (XC)

If pedaling performance is your top priority then cross-country it is are built for you. These bikes are lung-busting machines with great endurance and efficiency. Generally, these bikes are light weight. Modern cross-country bikes are now leaning towards the maximum it is wheel size, which is 29″. The tires on it is favors reduced weight and more efficiency.

  • Trail Mountain Bikes

Trail mountain bike is the most popular type of it. Most people can relate to trail bikes when they think ‘Mountain Bike’. Trail bikes are made with more gravity-oriented components like larger brake rotators and chunkier tires. The geometry of trail bikes is more relaxed than cross country bikes. It makes the bike more capable on all kinds of terrain. A trail bike is probably for the rider who is into mountain biking uphill same as downhill and looking for occasional drop or jump.

  • All Mountain or Enduro Mountain Bikes

You can call these bikes the burly cousin of the trail bike. There is a racing format called ‘Enduro’ and all its are the centerpiece of the race. In this race climbing is necessary but downhill sections are the most important part. All mountain bikes have more suspension travel than trail bikes.  The tires of these bikes possibly favor aggressive knobs for cornering and traction because the important part of the ride is gravity assisted.

  • Downhill Mountain Bikes

Downhill bikes are specially designed for drops, jumps, speed and gnarly terrain. These bikes are specifically  made for going down. The goal of downhill riding is speed. And for going downward from the steep, downhill bike is the best choice. Downhill bikes tend to be extremely slack. These bike sport a very low center of gravity. The tires on downhill bikes are geared for traction and stability.




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