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The first thing before buying anything is the guide and knowledge. We will tell you which mountain bike is best for you. We are the most reputed in the cyclist community in bicycle Dubai. Our bicycle shop Dubai is very popular called The Shard Bike. Here is the complete guide to buying a bike :

Your Aim Of Riding Mountain Bike

Nowadays mountain bikes are designed for different purposes with different designs. You think firstly for what purpose and which type of riding you will be doing after buying a mountain bike. Our Dubai bicycle shop will tell you the types with different purpose of riding :

1-Trail Mountain Bikes

Trail bikes are the commonly used mountain bikes. Most people buy a trail bike when they aim to buy a mountain bike. If you are looking for riding a bike that suits you on uphill and downhill trails then go for a trail. Buy Trail Bike as it is capable of climbing and descending. It will be the right type of mountain bike which are you looking for. Our Bicycle Dubai Shop has a huge collection of branded mountain bikes.

2-Cross Country(X.C) Riding Mountain Bike

This type of bike is designed for long miles. Cross country riding a bike is less in weight for better performance. Its climbing power is great. Its efficiency is very high to make cyclist community rides along miles easily. If you aim to ride a bicycle for long miles then buy cross country riding a bicycle. It’s also the best bike for a racier ride with your friends. Bicycle Dubai is selling cross country riding bikes at the best prices.

3-Enduro or All-Mountain Bike

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Enduro or All-mountain bike is similar to a trail bike. These best bikes are also available at the Bicycle Dubai store. If you want to buy a bike which is more trail steeper and more aggressive then buy the best enduro bike at a bike shop. Most of the cyclists go for this bicycle because they are designed very technically for uphill but especially in downhill.

4-Downhill and Free-ride Mountain Bike

As its clearly known from the name that these are designed for downhill along a free ride. Their structures are made so that it gives the bottom ride fast and efficiently. This mountain Bicycle is not favorable for uphills. So if you are looking for a fast downhill ride then buy a bike at the Bicycle Dubai shop. We have a variety of these bicycles too.


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