Tips for Looking After Your Bike

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Looking after your is important because a good take care can give you a better riding experience. But some of us may be a little bit confused about the stuffs to do for look after your bike. You can keep your bike in a good form by following our shop in dubai

You can keep the problems at bay by doing a regular check-over. You can give your bike a little TLC. Often not riding the bike can be the reason behind bike problems. When you ride the bike, it gets all the moving parts working which reduce or delay bike shop in Dubai

If you ride a bike regularly then you should learn three simple check over which are very easy. You should always keep the tires pumped up and check wheel go round uninterrupted. If the wheels don’t, then check the mudguards rubbing or the brakes or the probable sideways wobble of the wheel. The most important part of bike is the brakes, you should check the front and the back brake before going on a ride. Push the bike forward and apply the right-hand brake for checking the front brake. Push the bike backwards and apply the left-hand brake for the back brake. If you see any problem, fix it before going on a ride. You should oil the chain and look for frayed cables for riding the bike smoothly. Check the handlebars and the saddle also, they shouldn’t move.

Chain and cogs are the main moving part of the bike. Often, they need a little dab of oil. You can use many products. In the summer, you can use light lubricant and in winter you can use thicker oils. Just stay away from using cooking or engine oil. Keep your bike clean from dirt and grit. After washing the bike chain, allow it to dry first and then oil it.

You can take a bike maintenance course and try to fix your bike all by yourself. Learning some basic maintenance will surely save you some money in the future. It is good to try but if you get stuck in some problems you should look for a good mechanic rather than forcing shop in dubai

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