The Impact of Bike Riding on Your Health

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Riding a bike can help you in many ways. But it has a great impact on your health. Cycling boost your fitness and health. As it is also an environmental machine, bike riding could be the best decision you ever make. bike shop in dubai

You will be happy to know that cycling improves your brain power. Cycling helps building new brain cells in the hippocampus – the part responsible for memory, which weakens at the age of 30. Riding a bike will boost up your blood flow and oxygen to the brain

Research shows that, cycling makes immune cells more active, so that they are ready to fight off infection. Riding a bicycle beats your illness. It is true that cycling helps you live longer and lead a healthy life. Research shows that, those who did three 45-minutes ride a week were nine years ‘biologically younger’. Because of riding, your body becomes much more expert at regenerating new cells and fighting diseases.

Cycling makes you more physically active which improves your vascular health. This activity keeps your body fit and mind fresh. Studies from a university in US shows that riding regularly can lessen the risk of heart disease by half. Also, you can avoid around 10000 fatal heart attacks if you keep yourself fit. Cycling only 20 miles a week can cut of your risk of heart attack to less than half of those who take no exercise.

You can go on a ride with your family, friends or with a group. Cycling is a good activity to keep your mind fresh. Sometimes heavy work pressure can give you stress which ultimately lead to depression. You can go on a ride to get rid of it. It really works! Cycling is a good activity, when it comes to losing weight. You can get better results from cycling than running on the park.

You can replace cycling with a harmful addiction, like cigarettes or alcohol. You will surely get a good result, you will be happier. Get a bike, go for a ride and enjoy the ride. bike shop in dubai

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