7 Tips for Beginner Cyclist

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The number of bike riders is increasing day by day. To enjoy best ride on roads and trails have a look on some beginner cyclist tips and get a safer ride.the shard bike is best  online bike shop in UAE

The very first advice is to protect your head. Every year around 60 percent cycling death took place regarding head injuries. So always remember to put on your helmet and teach your child too. Many countries have the law for cycling helmet but you should wear it even your country doesn’t have it too.

For extended periods of time remember not to pedal in high gear. You probably would love a cadence between 70 and 90 rpm’s. But a high gear pedal will left you strain on your knees.

Always remember to use your gears. When climbing slopes change into a gear that will keep your rhythm in the correct scope of rpm’s so you can make it up the slope without putting undue weight on your knees.

Ensure a proper bike fit. When you have a bike with the accurate size of your body than you can take whole advantage from it. Also your riding becomes more efficient, easier and cause less soreness and pain during riding.

Ensure the proper saddle. A huge difference will take place get the right saddle. Thinking about the most comfortable ride with the thickest padding is a wrong idea. Generally the best type of saddle can be the longer seat with a cutout. To get accurate ideas read reviews from online at first and check what others do prefer than try some of them in your ride.

Never put on your earphones while riding. It can be really harmful when you’ll be unable to hear a important signal of vehicles or signals from off road. Yet you love music a lot than you can attach a small clip-on radio with a speaker in your dress.

The final suggestion to a new rider is to know the rules and keep your head up. When you go for a ride into a road than you must remember all rules and follow it. Pay attention to cars in front of you so you can track what they are going to do. Look enough ahead so you get an idea about obstacles like storm drain grates that is harmful for bike tiers.the theshardbike is best online bike shop

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